Lash, Brows and Waxing

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Lash, brow, and waxing services encompass a range of cosmetic treatments aimed at enhancing the appearance of the eyes and facial features. Lash services typically include extensions or lifts to add volume and length to eyelashes, while brow services involve shaping and tinting to achieve a defined and polished look. Waxing services target unwanted hair on various areas of the face and body, providing smooth and hair-free skin. These services are popular among individuals seeking to accentuate their natural beauty and achieve a well-groomed appearance.

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- Waxing offers a convenient and effective method of hair removal, providing smooth results that last longer than shaving. With proper preparation and aftercare, waxing can leave the skin feeling soft, smooth, and hair-free for weeks at a time.


The frequency of waxing appointments depends on individual hair growth cycles, but most people find that waxing every 4-6 weeks helps maintain smooth, hair-free skin.


Eyebrow services encompass a range of treatments aimed at shaping, defining, and enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows. Whether individuals seek to achieve a natural, groomed look or desire bold, sculpted brows, there are various options available to cater to different preferences.
Here’s a breakdown of common eyebrow services:

Eyebrow Shaping:
- Eyebrow shaping involves the removal of unwanted hair to create a defined and flattering eyebrow shape that complements the individual’s facial features.

- This can be achieved through techniques such as waxing, threading, tweezing, or sugaring, depending on the client’s preference and sensitivity.

- The eyebrow shape is determined by assessing factors such as the natural arch, length, and thickness of the brows, as well as the client’s desired look.

- Eyebrow shaping appointments typically last around 15-30 minutes, depending on the method used and the complexity of the desired shape.

Eyebrow Tinting:
- Eyebrow tinting involves coloring the eyebrow hairs with a semi-permanent dye to enhance their color, definition, and depth.

- The tint is carefully applied to the eyebrows using a specialized brush or applicator, ensuring even coverage and natural-looking results.

- Tinting can help darken light or sparse eyebrows, fill in gaps, and create a more polished and defined appearance.


Lash services encompass a variety of treatments designed to enhance the appearance of eyelashes, providing individuals with fuller, longer, and more voluminous lashes.
These services are popular among those looking to accentuate their eyes and achieve a glamorous and polished look.
Here’s a breakdown of common lash treatments:

Eyelash Extensions:
- Eyelash extensions involve the application of individual synthetic fibers or clusters of lashes to natural eyelashes using a semi-permanent adhesive.

- The extensions are meticulously applied to each individual lash, creating a customized look tailored to the client’s desired length, thickness, and curl.

- The process typically takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the desired effect and the expertise of the lash technician.

- Eyelash extensions can last several weeks with proper care and maintenance, with touch-up appointments recommended every 2-3 weeks to fill in any gaps as natural lashes are shed.


Lash Lift:
- A lash lift, also known as a lash perm, involves curling and lifting natural lashes to enhance their appearance and create the illusion of longer, more lifted lashes.

- During the treatment, a lifting solution is applied to the lashes, followed by a setting solution to lock in the curl.

- The process typically takes around 45-60 minutes and can last 6-8 weeks or more, depending on the individual’s lash growth cycle.

- Lash lifts are an excellent option for individuals with naturally straight or downward-pointing lashes who desire a more dramatic and wide-eyed look without the maintenance of extensions.

Lash Tinting:
- Lash tinting involves coloring the natural lashes with a semi-permanent dye to enhance their darkness and definition.

- The tint is carefully applied to the lashes using a specialized brush or applicator, ensuring even coverage from root to tip.

- The process takes approximately 15-30 minutes and can last 4-6 weeks, gradually fading over time as new lashes grow in.

- Lash tinting is particularly beneficial for individuals with fair or light-colored lashes who want to add depth and intensity to their eyes without the need for mascara.

Lash Removal:
- Lash removal is a service offered to safely and effectively remove eyelash extensions when they are ready to be replaced or if the client wishes to return to their natural lashes.

- The removal process involves using a gentle adhesive remover to dissolve the bond between the extensions and the natural lashes, allowing them to slide off easily without causing damage.

- Lash removal should always be performed by a trained and experienced lash technician to minimize the risk of damage to the natural lashes.

Overall, lash services offer a range of options for individuals seeking to enhance the appearance of their eyes, whether through adding length and volume with extensions, creating a lifted look with a lash lift, or defining and darkening lashes with tinting. These treatments can help individuals achieve their desired aesthetic while saving time on their daily makeup routine

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